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Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships Volume 1

Page 713



  • draft convention on arrest of ships: preparatory work 1.061.09
  • flag 3.203.28; ships flying flag of contracting states 3.29; ships flying flag of non-contracting states 3.303.40
  • history of 1952 Arrest Convention 1.011.20
  • jurisdiction for arrest 7.017.35; after ship has sailed 7.20; arrest pursuant to order of foreign court 7.21; authority having jurisdiction 7.127.17; before arrival of ship 7.187.19; choice of judicial authority 7.22; Convention on Penal Jurisdiction 1952 7.327.34; court with jurisdiction on merits but ship not within jurisdiction 7.28; decision on merits already obtained, where 7.29; judicial authority 7.027.11; lis pendens 7.35; related actions 7.35; UNCLOS 7.327.34; where Court has no jurisdiction on merits 7.237.27
  • jurisdiction on merits 8.018.79; Algeria 8.28; article 7 172; article 13, 1910 Collision Convention 8.58; Caribbean jurisdictions 8.23; China-Hong Kong 8.24; claims arising in country in which arrest made 8.30 (agreement relating to carriage of goods 8.37; agreement relating to UK or hire of ship 8.358.36; bottomry 8.40; construction, repair or equipment of ship 8.44; disputes as to title or ownership of ship 8.47; disputes between co-owners 8.48; general average 8.39; goods or materials supplied to ship for operation or maintenance 8.43; loss of life or personal injury 8.34; loss of or damage to goods 8.38; master’s disbursements 8.46; pilotage 8.42; towage 8.41; wages of masters, officers and crews 8.45); claims concerning voyage of ship during which arrest made 8.498.57; claims upon mortgage or hypothecation of ship 8.60; collision, claims arising out of 8.58; consequences of failure to bring action within time prescribed 8.81; habitual residence 8.29; Ireland 8.258.26; Nigeria 8.27; possible conflicts of links with other conventions 8.618.66 (Athens Convention 8.64; CLC 1992 8.62; EC Jurisdiction Convention 8.65; EU Regulation No. 1215/2012 8.678.69; Hamburg Rules 8.63; Lugano Convention 2007 8.66); principal place of business 8.29; recognition of foreign judgment or arbitral award 8.80; salvage claims 8.59; structure of article 7 8.088.09; time limit for bringing proceedings 8.708.73; travaux préparatoires 8.018.07; United Kingdom rules 8.198.20; when action may be deemed to have been brought 8.748.79

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