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CHAPTER 3 Arbitration Act (Cap. 10, 2002 Rev. Ed.)

Singapore Arbitration Legislation Annotated

Page 187 3 Arbitration Act (Cap. 10, 2002 Rev. Ed.) Arbitration Act (Cap. 10, 2002 Rev. Ed.) PART I—PRELIMINARY 1. Short title and commencement 2. Interpretation 3. Application of this Act PART II—ARBITRATION AGREEMENT 4. Defnition and form of arbitration agreement 5. Arbitration agreement not to be discharged by death of party PART III—STAY OF LEGAL PROCEEDINGS 6. Stay of legal proceedings 7. Court’s powers on stay of proceedings 8. Reference of interpleader issue to arbitration PART IV—COMMENCEMENT OF ARBITRAL PROCEEDINGS 9. Commencement of arbitration proceedings 10. Powers of Court to extend time for beginning of arbitration proceedings 11. Application of Limitation Act and Foreign Limitation Periods Act 2012 PART V—ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL 12. Number of arbitrators 13. Appointment of arbitrators 14. Grounds for challenge 15. Challenge procedure 16. Failure or impossibility to act 17. Arbitrator ceasing to hold offce 18. Appointment of substitute arbitrator 19. Decision by panel of arbitrators 20. Liability of arbitrator part vi—jurisdiction of arbitration tribunal 21. Separability of arbitration clause and competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its own jurisdiction 21A. Appeal on ruling of jurisdiction Page 188 PART VII—ARBITRAL PROCEEDINGS 22. General duties of arbitral tribunal 23. Determination of rules of procedure 24. Statements of claim and defence 25. Hearings and written proceedings 26. Consolidation of proceedings and concurrent hearings 27. Power to appoint experts 28. General powers exercisable by arbitral tribunal 29. Powers of arbitral tribunal in case of party’s default 30. Witnesses may be summoned by subpoena 31. Court’s powers exercisable in support of arbitration proceedings PART VIII—AWARD 32. Law applicable to substance of dispute 33. Awards made on different issues 34. Remedies 35. Interest 36. Extension of time for making award 37. Award by consent 38. Form and contents of award 39. Costs of arbitration 40. Fees of arbitrator 41. Power to withhold award in case of non- payment 42. Court may charge property with payment of solicitor’s costs in arbitration 43. Correction or interpretation of award and additional award 44. Effect of award PART IX—POWERS OF THE COURT IN RELATION TO AWARD 45. Determination of preliminary point of law 46. Enforcement of award 47. No judicial review of award 48. Court may set aside award 49. Appeal against award 50. Supplementary provisions to challenge appeal 51. Effect of order of Court upon appeal or challenge against award 52. Application for leave of Court, etc. PART X—MISCELLANEOUS 53. Notice and other requirements in connection with legal proceedings 54. Powers of Court and Registrar 55. Rules of Court 56. Proceedings to be heard otherwise than in open court 57. Restrictions on reporting of proceedings heard otherwise than in open court 58. Application to references under statutory powers 59. Immunity of arbitral institutions 59A. Authentication of awards and arbitration agreements Page 189 60. Service of notices 61. Reckoning periods of time 62. Appointment of mediator 63. Power of arbitrator to act as mediator 64. Act to bind Government 65. Transitional provisions An Act to provide for the conduct of arbitration.

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