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Lloyd's Law Reports


(1945) 79 Ll.L.Rep. 537


Before Lord Merriman (President), sitting with Captain A. H. Ryley and Captain G. C. H. Noakes, Elder Brethren of Trinity House.

Collision - Crossing courses - Seamanship - Look-out-Collision between motor vessels Port Fremantle and Hopepeak in Atlantic Ocean-Port Fremantle, proceeding at her full speed of 13 knots, on course of 164 deg.; Hopepeak, proceeding at her full speed of 11 knots, on course of 315 deg. -Both vessels without lights-Hopepeak sighted close to Port Fremantle, fine on port bow; Port Fremantle sighted close to Hopepeak, fine on starboard bow- Starboarding by Port Fremantle; porting by Hopepeak-Applicability of crossing rule - Whether vessels should have exhibited lights on sighting.

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