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Lloyd's Law Reports


(1945) 79 Ll.L.Rep. 237


Before Mr. Justice Pilcher, sitting with Captain A. H. Ryley and Captain W. E. Crumplin Elder Brethren of Trinity House.

Collision-Convoy-Fog-Speeds-Seamanship -Collision between steamships Luminetta and Clan Macinnes in North Channel- Luminetta in port column of outward-bound convoy on course of 316 deg.; Clan Macinnes in inward-bound convoy originally on course of 140 deg.-Alteration of course by Clan Macinnes and other vessels bound for Clyde-Porting by Clan Macinnes on to course of 88 deg., speed being increased to catch up with other vessels bound for Clyde which had disappeared in fog-Whether Clan Macinnes still part of convoy-Whistles of Clyde-bound group heard ahead, and whistles of remainder of inward-bound convoy identified on starboard bow and beam-Wireless message intercepted by Clan Macinnes indicating that convoy outward-bound from Mersey was in vicinity-Reasonable probability that such outward-bound convoy would pass under Clan Macinnes' stern-Fog signals heard ahead by Clan Macinnes, not coming from Clyde- or Mersey-bound convoys-Supposition by Clan Macinnes that such signals came from vessels outward-bound from Clyde-Engines rung "stand-by" and two minutes later stopped-Vessels sighted by each other close to-Impact between stem of Luminetta and starboard bow of Clan Macinnes -Luminetta admittedly not to blame.

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