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The economy may slow down, fraudsters never do

Online Published Date : 03 April 2020 | Appeared in issue: June/July 2020 - 02 April 2020

Veronica Morino (veronica.morino@hibis.com) has worked on detection, prevention and investigation of international fraud and corruption for almost 20 years. Convinced, by experience, that raising awareness and focusing on prevention is far more cost-effective than investigation, she specialises in strengthening corporate defences against fraud and corruption.Martina Marmai (martina.marmai@hibis.com) is committed to tackling corruption and fraud as major obstacles to sustainability and growth; she specializes in identifying corruption red flags through internal and external analysis, and investigating them across a wide range of countries and languages-zones.This article also appeared on the Hibis blog at www.hibis.com.